Dear DARE Officers:


Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Dan Meers—better known as “K.C. Wolf—the mascot for the Kansas City Chiefs football team.  As the father of a recent DARE graduate, first let me say thank you for all you are doing to educate our children about the dangers of drug use.  My daughter still talks about the things she learned in the DARE program.


Since beginning my job with the Chiefs back in 1990, I have presented over 1600 educational programs at schools all across the Midwest.  I do these programs for one simple reason- I love kids!   My number one goal for KC Wolf has never changed. 

I want KC Wolf to be remembered as “a character with character”.  By that I mean I not only want to be a good mascot but more importantly I desire to be a good role model to the young people I meet.  Now that I have been blessed with three children of my own I realize the importance of good role models in the community.


I am writing today to inform you that the Chiefs, along with “K.C. Wolf”, will once again be presenting school programs stressing character education and the “Say No to Drugs” message.  These programs have also been presented at numerous DARE Graduation ceremonies throughout Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Oklahoma.  The feedback we have received from teachers, principals and other DARE Officers has been very positive.  The students also seem to really enjoy the program, and it is a unique and fun way to educate them about the dangers of drugs.


The appearance fee for this program is $325.  This fee covers the cost of the program and gas mileage to the appearance (up to 100 miles round trip).  In addition, the fee will include colored photos of KC Wolf for your DARE graduates to take home.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule KC Wolf for your next DARE Graduation please contact me at Arrowhead Stadium by calling (816) 920-4212. 


Thanks again for all you do in the lives of kids.




Dan Meers

“KC Wolf”



Here is a list of the programs being offered and a brief description of each:


* A-B-C of Success – Stresses the importance of your Attitude, Behavior and Character.

   (Special emphasis on the fact that Drugs NEVER lead to Success)


* Being a Winner in Life - Emphasizes Self-esteem, Doing Your Best and Saying      “NO” to Drugs.  

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